Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The idea of whats happening here is for all bohemians, beatniks, hippies, punks and just plain grooved up layabouts is to leave their stories of cultural import for others to ingest or ignore as they may please.

Were you at Altamont when the weirdness went down and can vaguely remember it?

You may have been at the Paris riots and got hit in the head, that maybe of interest for you to mention and others to read and enjoy the first person remembrance.

Maybe being one of the few who actually saw the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club in London 1976 will be nice to write about.

Did you see the Beatles at the Cavern (or anywhere else, it doesn't matter, its all part of the changing times)?

Maybe someone went to the big giveaway at the Apple boutique on the last day of the Beatles capitalist/consumer endeavour?

Do you remember the first life changing book you read and how it affected you in the long run?

When was the first time you smoked a joint, dropped a trip or ingested any herb or chemical and what happened.

Ever spent the night in the cells because the constabulary didn't like the look of you?

Have you ever had to spend time living on the streets due to strained circumstances bought on by lack of bread?

Who was the first band you saw that actually meant something ?

Maybe you were once(still) a Teddy Boy brandishing a flick knife and sporting greasy side burns.

It could be you were a long haired hippy having to run from marauding skinheads, or you were a skin chasing defenseless hippies.

You may perhaps had juvenile delinquent tendencies and spent time smoking gage and stealing hubcaps in the poor part of town.

What was it like being your own person in your part of the world, was it easy, did the 'normal people' give you a hard time, were they scared of you and what perhaps you represented.

It could be you were unfortunate enough to get drafted to Viet Nam to keep the world from collapsing into Communism.

Any good stories about the coolest record shop where you lived, was it easy to steal records or were they nice enough to have a deletion bin filled with the best underground goodies?

Any good books to recommend?

Any films to let others know about?

Basically anything that mattered to you may matter to someone else.

A few words or a 'War and Peace' style rant, it don't make no difference, its all grist to the mill.

All missives will be printed, just leave it in the comments(choose ANONYMOUS in the drop down box where it says 'comment as' for easiest access) and it will be pasted onto the front page directly.